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We are passionate about empowering storytellers.
Whether you are an amateur writer or a seasoned author, Bookwiz is here to guide you through the creative process with AI-driven tools designed to make writing a breeze.
Explore tips, insights, and success stories that can inspire your writing journey.
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Bookwiz Documentation Mindmap

Introduction to Bookwiz 📚✨

  • Overview of Bookwiz
  • Key Features
  • Target Audience: Plotters and Pantsers

Getting Started

  • Account Creation
  • Navigating the Dashboard
  • Overview of Key Sections: Library, Writing, Apps, Settings, Preview, Export Options

For Plotters

Creating a New Book

  • Go to Library
  • Create a New Book or Import (epub format)

Planning Stage

  • Accessing the Planning Tools
    • Synopsis
    • Theme
    • Setting
    • Plot
    • Chapters
    • Characters
    • Writing Style
  • AI Assistance
    • Requesting Content Suggestions
    • Choosing the LLM (gpt-3.5, gpt-4, claude 3)
    • Word Charge System
    • Regenerating and Editing Content

Character Creation

  • Adding New Characters
  • AI-Generated Character Suggestions

Chapter Development

  • Default Chapter and Beat Structure
  • Customizing Chapters and Beats
  • Specifying Writing Style for AI Assistance

Transition to Writing

  • Using the Writing Tab
  • Expanding Beat Summaries

Finalizing the Book

  • Cover Generation (Midjourney, DALL-E 3)
  • Setting Book Cover and Metadata
  • Previewing as epub
  • Exporting Options (epub, pdf, html, txt)

For Pantsers (Beta)

Starting a Story

  • Creating or Choosing a Story Hook
  • Collaborative Story Development
    • Story Continuation Options
    • Starting a New Branch

Community Interaction

  • Reader and Navigator Roles
  • Notifications on Story Branch Continuations

Endless Story Creation

  • Concept of Never-Ending Stories
  • Community Contribution to Story Growth


  • Summary of Documentation
  • Encouragement to Explore Both Paths