Create Book Covers with Midjourney

Create Book Covers with Midjourney

August 1, 2023
Kristiyan Tsvetanov
At Bookwiz, we're not just about writing. We're about creating the full package - from the story itself to the captivating cover that makes your book impossible to ignore. That's why we're thrilled to announce our groundbreaking collaboration with Midjourney, an integration designed to make your book cover as engaging as the story within, serving as a vital part of your AI-driven book marketing strategy.

What You Need to Know:

1. A New Dimension in Book Cover Design
  • Integration with Midjourney: Our innovative integration allows Bookwiz users to leverage Midjourney's AI through our platform.
  • Generate 4 Unique Suggestions:For just 5k tokens, generate four tailored cover suggestions. Selecting an image is token-free.
  • Subscription-Based: This feature is exclusively available to our subscribers, at any tier.
  • Beta Feature: We're thrilled to offer this in beta, using Midjourney's AI to tailor a cover based on your prompt.
2. Crafting a Cover that Speaks to Your Story:
  • Step 5 of the Book Creation: Knowing your characters and plot is essential, so the cover generation is strategically placed at step 5 of the book creation process, helping you solve common writer problems.
  • The Prompt Field: Describe your envisioned cover or use the "Generate Image Prompt" to help you create a prompt based on setting, theme, plot, and characters. Need inspiration? Visit Midjourney Prompts.
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  • Explore & Select: View the AI-generated suggestions and click for a full-size version. Choose your favorite through V1, V2, V3, V4 buttons.
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  • Save & Secure: Once you select a version, the image is saved. IMPORTANT: Images are stored by Midjourney. We recommend downloading and securely storing them, as we cannot recover deleted images.
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Join Us Today

Our integration with Midjourney is just another way Bookwiz is leading the way in AI-driven writing solutions. If you're a subscriber, this feature is ready and waiting. If not, join us today to unleash the full potential of your novel - from the first word to the final cover.