Getting Started with Bookwiz

Getting Started with Bookwiz

July 31, 2023
Kristiyan Tsvetanov

Getting Started with Bookwiz

Bookwiz is a leading AI writer generator designed to inspire creativity in writers and authors. Whether you are looking for an AI story generator or an AI writing assistant, Bookwiz has the tools for you. Below you'll find a comprehensive guide to using this AI content writing platform.

Log In and Verify Your Account

  • Signing up for Bookwiz gives you access to a free AI writing generator with options to upgrade. To understand the different options, check out our blog post on How to Pay for Bookwiz.
  • Verify your account via email to unlock advanced AI content writer features and 20k free tokens.
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Click on "New Book"

Click on the "New Book" button to initiate your writing journey. A wizard will guide you in creating your book, step by step. For more details on the technologies that power this feature, read The Technologies Behind Bookwiz.
Navigating the Steps:
  • Sidebar Progress: Once you click on "New Book," you'll observe your progress in the left sidebar. Initially, there are 7 steps, but additional steps are generated for each chapter created in step 7. Thus, the total steps can vary, depending on your book's structure.
  • Sequential Order: It's essential to complete each step sequentially, ensuring a coherent and logical flow in your book creation.
  • Editing the Book Title: By default, the title is "Untitled." Click to edit it and ensure that you name your books promptly. Proper naming will help you locate specific books as your collection expands.
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Writing a Book with The Story Wizard

Step 1: Generate the Main Idea

Input your preferences to give the AI a clear understanding, then click "Generate" to view proposed ideas. Repeat until satisfied or manually edit before progressing.
Curious about how AI writes text? Learn more from our blog post How AI Writes Text.
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Step 2: Theme Creation

Emphasize the emotional tone, specific theme, moral, and crucial elements of your story with this innovative AI story writer tool.
For a deep dive into AI-powered writing, visit our What is AI-Powered Writing? blog post.
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Step 3: Setting Description

Bookwiz allows you to depict your story's environment, time, and essential details.
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Step 4: Character Development

Build compelling characters by detailing their personalities, backgrounds, roles, and relationships using this AI writing generator.
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Step 5: Plot Design

Structure the pivotal events, twists, and turns, keeping the theme and emotion in mind with this free AI writing generator.
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Step 6: Cover Generation

Use GPT to generate a title and Midjourney to generate a cover image.
If you're interested in cover design, explore more about Create Book Covers with Midjourney.
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Step 7: Chapter Division

Define chapter preferences, and remember to follow the specific syntax provided in the "Syntax" button above the text field.
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Steps 8, 10, ..: Creating Chapter Beats

Specify the main events for each chapter using these steps.
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Steps 9, 11, …: Chapter Beat Content

Work through these steps to create the content for each chapter beat individually.
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Finalizing and Sharing Your Book

On the top right, find the button to either make your book public in Bookwiz's AI library or download it as a PDF. You can share the link with the world or send the file to friends for feedback.
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Make Public:

Only subscribers can make their books public. When your book is made public, it is added to Bookwiz's AI library where others can read it, allowing you to share your creativity and receive valuable feedback from the Bookwiz community.


By clicking on "Export," a dialog will open, presenting several options. Among the available formats, the PDF export is recommended. It exports the book along with the cover and the content of the chapters, providing a professional and polished document ready for sharing or printing.


Bookwiz is a helpful tool for anyone who wants to write a book. It takes you step by step through the writing process, so it's easier to turn your ideas into a complete story. If you're new to writing, it gives you a clear path to follow. If you're an experienced writer, it offers new ways to think about your work. Plus, you can share your book with others or keep it private. Overall, Bookwiz makes writing more accessible and fun for everyone.