Newsletter 1

Newsletter 1

August 4, 2023
Hello Bookwiz community! Here’s a quick look at the latest from Bookwiz and a peek into the AI world.

What's New at Bookwiz?

  • Team Expansion: A warm welcome to Momchil and Denny, our new SEO and marketing specialists. With their expertise, we’ll have more time to focus on development, creating new awesome features, and improving our product.
  • Revamped Pricing: More benefits for subscribers, and a 2x reduction in token prices.
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  • Easy Title Editing: Click on a book title to change it instantly.
  • Cover Generation with Midjourney: Get 4 image suggestions for 5k tokens in ~1 minute.
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  • Optimized Book Generation Process: Step 2 now moved to step 5 for a more coherent title and cover creation.

What's Coming Up?

  • Embeddings/Semantic Search: We're working on this new feature to reduce token usage and enable longer text creation with less irrelevant input. It'll lead to lower costs and higher coherence, and later, you'll be able to upload your book for instant sequel planning and improvements.
  • Bookwiz Blog: Stay tuned for our upcoming blog filled with posts on how to use Bookwiz, tips & tricks, tutorials, and AI news.

In the AI Spotlight

  • Google's RT-2 Robot: A groundbreaking vision-language-action model, RT-2 translates vision and language into robotic actions, doubling its performance on unseen scenarios to 62%.
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We're excited about what's ahead and will continue to keep you informed. As always, happy reading and writing!
Best, The Bookwiz Team