Newsletter 11

Newsletter 11

January 29, 2024
Kristiyan Tsvetanov
Hello Bookwiz Community,
We're back with another weekly update! Let's dive straight into the details.

What's New This Week

  • Improved Sidebar Navigation: Our sidebar has a fresh look! Navigate easily with dedicated sections for each book: Plan, Write, Preview, and Settings. Organize and access your writing effortlessly. 📚
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  • Enhanced Settings Page: Customize your book like never before! Update metadata, choose a stunning cover image, select your pen name, and pick your genre. Personalize every aspect to match your unique style.
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  • Featured Books in the Library: Explore the best from our community in the new 'Featured' section. Find inspiration from top-notch public books or simply enjoy a fantastic read from fellow writers.
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  • Google's Gemini 1.5: This groundbreaking update promises complex analysis of full books, detecting issues, plot holes, and suggesting improvements. A real game-changer for in-depth manuscript analysis!
  • Amazon's Advanced Text-to-Speech LLM: Their new 980M parameter LLM could revolutionize audiobooks with its 'emergent abilities', promising a more dynamic and engaging listening experience.

Our Blog

  • New Blog Post: Discover the power of inline editing in our latest blog here. Learn how to select text and let our AI refine and polish your writing seamlessly.
That’s it for this week! Don't hesitate to share your thoughts with us.