Newsletter 3

Newsletter 3

August 18, 2023
Kristiyan Tsvetanov

This Week's Changes

Introducing Embeddings:
  • We automatically transform big sections of your book's information into a compact format (called a vector).
  • Helps the system quickly identify and use only the relevant info for the current writing step.
  • Makes text generation by the AI faster, efficient, and more aligned with your book's content.
Step History Feature:
  • New feature allowing you to easily go back to previous versions of your content. Useful if content is lost or if you wish to undo specific changes.

Plans for Next Week

Independent Character Generation
  • Refining process to generate characters individually.
  • Add new characters without changing existing ones.
  • Upcoming: Interact with characters directly through profile pages and avatars.
Chat with Your Book
  • Exploring a chat feature for deeper book interaction.
  • Envision a co-writer that knows all book details.
  • Seeking user feedback on this feature.

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Closing Remarks

Your support and feedback mean the world to us. Please keep sharing your experiences and suggestions, as they guide our next steps. Here's to more innovative features, better user experiences, and the creation of fantastic books.