Newsletter 5

Newsletter 5

September 8, 2023
Kristiyan Tsvetanov
Hey there, Writers!
Ever wondered if your writing is truly unique? Worry about consistency? Let’s kill those concerns. Here’s what’s new and improved on Bookwiz.

Quick Checks for Originality 📝

  • Plagiarism Checker: One click. That's all you need to confirm your work is 100% yours.
  • Broad Scans: From books to movies, we’ve got you covered.

Maintain Your Style ✒️

  • New Feature: Introducing the 'Style Step' to make sure your writing sounds like, well, you!

Finding Your Work Just Got Easier 🏷️

  • Auto-Title: Start a book, automatically get a free title on step 2. No more ‘Untitled’ links.

Less Room for Error 🛠️

  • User-Friendly Prompts: Run into a format issue? Our clearer error messages will set you straight.

Problem Solved 🐜

  • Character Edit Bug: Fixed. Edit your characters.
To easier and better writing, The Bookwiz Team 📚
P.S. Curious how Bookwiz works in the real world? Ryan’s got you covered. He tried it, loved it, and saved time. See for yourself.