The Pros and Cons of Bookwiz

The Pros and Cons of Bookwiz

August 25, 2023
Kristiyan Tsvetanov
Are you a writer seeking assistance in crafting your next bestseller? Meet Bookwiz, an AI-powered tool designed to make your writing process seamless and efficient. Here, we will break down what Bookwiz can do and the areas where it may need your special attention.

What Bookwiz Can Do

Generate Story Bibles
  • What It Means: Bookwiz helps you outline your entire book, creating a blueprint that keeps you on track.
  • Why It’s Great: Never lose sight of your story's big picture.
To get started with crafting your story bible, check out our guide on Getting Started with Bookwiz.

Brainstorm Ideas

  • What It Means: Stuck with writer's block? Bookwiz can spark inspiration.
  • Why It’s Great: Fresh and innovative ideas at your fingertips.
For more on how AI can help in brainstorming, read our post on What is AI-Powered Writing?

Create Characters

  • What It Means: Build complex characters with unique traits and backstories.
  • Why It’s Great: Characters that resonate and feel real.
Discover more about the Technologies Behind Bookwiz that make character creation so intuitive.

Plan Plots

  • What It Means: Structure your plot effectively with guided planning.
  • Why It’s Great: Smooth transitions, gripping narratives.
Learn more about the elements of plot development in our blog How AI Writes Text?

Utilize Embeddings

  • What It Means: Bookwiz considers the full context of your book, finding relevant connections.
  • Why It’s Great: Cohesive story development.
Curious about embeddings? Learn more in our article on Understanding LLM Embeddings in Book Writing.

Generate Book Covers

  • What It Means: Collaborates with Midjourney for attractive cover designs.
  • Why It’s Great: Professional-looking covers without hiring a designer.
See how Midjourney plays a role in this in our article on Create Book Covers with Midjourney.

What Bookwiz Can't Do

Follow Instructions Perfectly

  • What It Means: May require clear, specific instructions.
  • What to Do: Be explicit in your commands.
For tips on providing clear instructions, check out our post on Solving Common Writer Problems.

Retain Unlimited Memory

  • What It Means: AI’s memory is limited; it might not remember all details.
  • What to Do: Provide relevant info when needed.
Learn more about AI memory limitations in our article Understanding the Memory Limitations of AI.

Guarantee Zero Service Failures

  • What It Means: Occasional technical hiccups may occur.
  • What to Do: Rest assured, support is here to help!


Bookwiz is here to revolutionize the way you write, offering powerful tools for planning, brainstorming, character creation, and more. While it’s not perfect, the ongoing commitment to improvement means that your experience will only get better.
Give Bookwiz a try and let your creativity flow. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions, our support team is just an email away.
For payment options, see How to Pay for Bookwiz, and for a comparison with other tools, visit Comparing Top AI Book Writing Tools.
Happy writing!