Understanding the Memory Limitations of AI

Understanding the Memory Limitations of AI

August 9, 2023
Kristiyan Tsvetanov
Hello Storytellers,
If you've ever faced challenges with generating chapter beats on Bookwiz.io because the content reaches a certain length, this article is for you.
Our mission at Bookwiz.io is to empower every storyteller, especially those who are non-native English speakers, with an AI tool that not only enhances their writing but also fuels their creativity. To do so effectively, it's essential we address constraints and continuously improve.

The Problem:

Some of our users, including our friend Bruno, have encountered a memory limitation with our AI. If you're new to AI and wondering how it writes text, you might want to check our post on How AI Writes Text. Specifically, when generating chapter beats, the AI's capacity is restricted to remembering and writing about approximately 12,000 words in total.

System Constraints:

When crafting chapter beats, our system automatically incorporates several elements. To learn more about the technologies we employ, read our post on The Technologies Behind Bookwiz. Our system considers:
  • The previous beat
  • Lists of all preceding chapter beats
  • The overarching plot
  • Key characters
  • The primary setting
  • The main theme
However, if the combined length of this information becomes too extensive, the AI faces challenges generating further content.

Short-Term Guidance:

For now, one potential solution is to instruct ChatGPT to condense the details listed above. This action could free up memory, allowing for the generation of additional chapters. However, we urge you to exercise caution: avoid regenerating the chapters from scratch, or you may lose all previously crafted beats.

Future Improvements:

At Bookwiz.io, stagnation isn't in our vocabulary. We're excited to share that our team is actively working on a cutting-edge solution. By leveraging embeddings and semantic search, we aim to enable the AI to identify and use only the most relevant information when generating beat content. If you're interested in the technical details, you can read about Understanding LLM Embeddings in Book Writing, instead of relying on all the details listed above.
Benefits of this upgrade include:
  1. Cost-effectiveness when generating books.
  1. Capability to draft longer narratives.
We firmly believe this enhancement will align with our vision to become the world's leading AI writing assistant, empowering each author to narrate their distinctive tales.

Transparent Communication:

Our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this limitation may have caused. We genuinely appreciate your patience and commitment to the platform. Rest assured, once this feature is fully operational, we will promptly notify you through our weekly newsletter and channels such as Slack. If you're interested in design aspects, check out how you can Create Book Covers with Midjourney.
Thank you for your trust and for being a valuable part of our journey to revolutionize storytelling. We at Bookwiz.io are continuously striving to better serve our diverse community of both amateur and professional authors. Your feedback and support play a crucial role in achieving our shared objectives.