The Technologies Behind Bookwiz

The Technologies Behind Bookwiz

August 14, 2023
Kristiyan Tsvetanov
At Bookwiz, we pride ourselves on leveraging the best of modern technology to offer our users a seamless experience. Here's a snapshot of the tech stack that drives our platform:
  • Text Generation with ChatGPT: One of the many AI models we use, ChatGPT provides users with unlimited access to all the public models, depending on the plan they choose. This ensures a wide variety of styles and content can be generated.
  • Cover Image Creation with Midjourney: A book isn’t complete without a captivating cover. That's where Midjourney comes in, allowing users to auto-generate cover images that resonate with their book's content.
  • Stripe for Secure Payments: Your financial safety is our priority. We've integrated Stripe, a globally recognized payment system, to ensure your transactions remain secure and hassle-free.
  • Web Services and Infrastructure: Our platform's robustness is credited to the amalgamation of multiple services:
    • Front end built on React, ensuring a responsive and dynamic user experience.
    • Backend management through Node for crucial aspects like authentication and payment gateways.
    • The heart of our book-related services lies in an Elixir (Phoenix) app that takes care of book generation and related management.
    • Additional services such as Stripe payment processing and the Midjourney bot operate via separate Node apps.

Why Choose AI for Writing Books with Bookwiz?

  1. Direct and Clear Approach: No beating around the bush. We help writers dive straight into the writing process, eliminating unnecessary jargon.
  1. Organized Framework: Our platform structures your writing journey with well-defined headers, bullet points, and lists to enhance clarity and readability.
  1. Detailed Guidance: We believe in precision. Whether it's statistics, examples, or scenarios, we provide in-depth guidance at each step.
  1. A Peek into the Future: Always stay updated with forthcoming features and enhancements. We believe in constantly evolving to cater to our users' needs.
  1. Transparent Operations: Every tool has its limitations. We're open about ours and are always working to push the boundaries further.
  1. Easy and Professional: Writing a book is a significant endeavor. We keep it professional yet simple, so you focus on the story, not the process.

Some Words of Advice

While 'ai that writes books' can be a boon, it's essential to remember that the AI is a tool to assist you. The true essence of any book lies in the author's unique voice and perspective. So, while you use AI to ease the writing process, ensure your personal touch shines through.

In Conclusion

The paradigm of writing books is shifting with advancements in technology. With platforms like, the process of "write book with ai" has never been more straightforward or more exciting. Dive into the future of book writing, and let us guide you every step of the way.